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Showroom - new and used trucks
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  • The showroom will allow you to search for multiple vehicle types in one search session

How to use the showroom
I'm looking for a Horse/Tractor, with more than 300hP, released after 2010 for less than R500,000
1 - Click the "Body shape" filter option, select "Horse/Tractor", click
     "Apply selected option(s)" - results will start appearing
2 - Click the "Horse Power" filter option, select "300 hP", click
     "Apply selected option(s)" - the current results will filter even more
3 - Click the "Year" filter option, select "2010", click "Apply selected option(s)"
4 - Click the "Price (max)" filter option, select "R500,000", click "Apply selected option(s)"

You will now have lots of matching vehicles to look at across various brands in your results

Peruse through the results and add your favourite listings to the "Compare favourites". Once you have a few favourites, select the "Click here to Compare Favourites" button to see which vehicle/s offer you the best value

To get started, please select your most important filter option on the left, happy hunting

To add preferred vehicle listings to your favourites list, click the relevant listing's Heart as indicated below: